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1. HIGH EARNINGS The Delta Taxi brand generates more work in more areas than anyone else on Merseyside, so whenever you complete a journey your next pick up is generally quicker and closer than what you might expect from smaller and quieter operators.

2. HALF PRICE SETTLE Drivers benefit from 10 weeks half price settle whenever they first register with Delta. In addition, ex-Hackney drivers can also recover the cost of transferring their hackney carriage badge to a private hire badge as well as the licence fee for their new private hire plate.

3. TRAINING & SUPPORT The Delta Taxis Training Academy provides unrivalled training and support for new applicants, with state of the art facilities and in many cases access to funding for relevant courses.

4. FAIR CRACK OF THE WHIP Delta operates zero tolerance towards cuffing, feeding or any other manipulation of our dispatch algorithms. Bookings are automatically assigned to the driver within the dispatch ring WHO HAS BEEN EMPTY FOR THE LONGEST AMOUNT OF TIME. We don't care who you know or how long you've been here… drivers are all treated the same and share equal earning potential.

5. MINIMAL DEAD MILEAGE With well over 20 Million passengers a year, Delta drivers enjoy a densely packed carpet of customers covering the whole of Merseyside. Drivers on smaller circuits keep wasting time heading back to their work area whilst for Delta drivers, everywhere on Merseyside is your work area.

6. CASH WORK Our industry remains notoriously hand to mouth as drivers can go out and earn whatever they need whenever they need it. It's therefore essential that credit work forms only a tiny percentage of your income… otherwise drivers end up bankrolling account customers. Cash journeys still account for over 90% of Delta's work… giving you the driver more pounds in your pocket and less credit work waiting to clear.

7. ACCOUNT WORK Our tender management team have worked tirelessly over the years to secure hundreds of lucrative accounts with local authorities and big spending corporations. As a result, Delta drivers are now on the receiving end of over £1.5 Million a year from credit customers. With 140,000 credit journeys to analyse each year we can establish that each account job is valued at an average of £10.70. We can also establish that credit work accounts for less than 1.5% of your income, which shouldn't therefore present you with too much of a cash flow problem. For your further peace of mind Delta guarantees to pay drivers for every approved credit journey, even when Delta is unable to recover payment from the account holder. Delta also guarantees driver payment within 7 days whilst we have to wait over a month for account holders to pay us.

8. CARD / CONTACTLESS WORK Delta supplies all participating drivers with a FREE PayPal Here card reading device. When paired with a smart phone this gives you access to the growing number of passengers who now prefer to pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, Contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

9. FARE STRUCTURE The fare structures operated by hackney drivers and many other operators are hopelessly out of step with current consumer patterns, charging LESS on a busy Saturday afternoon than at 3 O'clock on a Tuesday morning when the job is completely dead. Delta operates three distinct rates in keeping with modern day supply and demand.
LOW – From 4am Monday to 4pm Friday drivers are happy to work and business can be slow, so we operate our most competitive fares to keep the customers rolling in.
MEDIUM – From 4pm Friday to 6pm Saturday, 6am Sunday to 4am Monday and throughout each Bank Holiday, drivers are less happy to work but more customers need a lift, so we charge a more lucrative medium rate.
HIGH – From 6pm Saturday night to 6am Sunday morning demand is off the charts, and the rates are set accordingly. Drivers can earn more in a single high tariff shift than in three days working the oversubscribed, lower rate weekday fares.

10. TECHNOLOGY The beating heart of any taxi operation is its DISPATCH ENGINE. Bookings need to be distributed FAIR and FAST. For this, we don't mess about with inferior PDA's or mobile phones… we install £1500 worth of award winning technology - the most advanced taxi dispatch system the world has ever seen. Its dual communication ability combines both radio waves AND mobile phone signals to keep you in continuous contact with Delta's customers. You get a handheld remote, full colour screen, turn by turn satellite navigation and a variety of ways to hunt and secure bookings. Nearby bookings are given to you automatically. Jobs a bit further away are listed on your cover screen in order of proximity so you can take your pick. Jobs a lot further away are displayed on a comprehensive STATS PAGE, where you can see for every area the number of :

All in all it's an impressive piece of hardware, demonstrating the seriousness we attach to your earnings.

11. AWARD WINNING MARKETING We combine a £400,000.00 / year advertising budget with powerful and creative ideas to keep the DELTA TAXIS BRAND first and foremost in everyone's mind here on Merseyside. We deliver monthly postcards to homes and businesses throughout all Sefton, Liverpool, Knowsley Wirral and St Helens. We supply branded napkins to butty shops, branded beer mats to pubs and branded air fresheners to motorists. High Profile 48 sheet billboards can be seen throughout Merseyside and all year round we maintain radio campaigns with CAPITAL FM, RADIO CITY, CITY TALK and WISH FM. We also of course have over 2,000 vehicles driving around displaying our instantly recognisable Delta door signs. Drivers on other circuits often complain of poor promotion by their operator. Not so with Delta… we spend more of your settle on brand promotion than any of our competitors.

12. SAFETY For peace of mind we fit all our drivers' vehicles with a PANIC BUTTON. Once activated we can track you on a real time map whilst listening in through a covert hidden microphone. On a circuit as popular as Delta you are rarely far away from dozens of other drivers who can all be steered towards you in times of need. In addition we have compiled a database of problem customers' home addresses, telephone numbers and the UDIDs of their handheld devices. If a customer displays aggression, racism or "does a runner" we can for example block their iPhone or Android device from being used to order taxis from us ever again. No system can guarantee your safety absolutely but we constantly review practices to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep you safe out there on the road.

13. HIRE CARS The vast majority of Delta drivers rent vehicles from 3rd party "fleet operators" so as to avoid the responsibility of buying and maintaining their own car. This also has the advantage of spare cars being available for you to keep working in the event of a breakdown or collision. In addition to its own fleet of nearly new Skoda Octavias, Delta has over 70 approved fleet operators who also rent a wide range of licensed vehicles across a broad spectrum of prices. Whatever your age or personal circumstances, Delta drivers are therefore more likely to be able to find a suitable hire car provider. Our website's Fleet Finder link HERE allows you to submit personal criteria and run a search of the current live operators who can accommodate you right now.

14. FACILITIES Our three million pound control centre and its 230 staff members provide unrivalled services for drivers. Admin Support is open 9am – 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 12pm Saturday for drivers to pay settle or update documentation. You can also opt to receive weekly invoices by email so you can make and receive payments direct through the bank. The engineering team is open 8am – 8pm Monday to Thursday and 8am – Midnight Friday and Saturday for dispatch equipment installations, repairs and maintenance. Supervisors also remain at your service for support and advice 24 hours a day via mobile radio or telephone.

15. FREEPHONES A well positioned free phone can pull in over 30,000 bookings a year. It's essential therefore that your taxi company goes in strong when it comes to tender management. Other firms often shy away from the inhibitive costs associated with winning and maintaining key sites but Delta has always been prepared to reinvest your settle wisely in securing future work. As a result our drivers benefit from over 150 free phones with various supermarkets, hotels, health centres, pubs and restaurants throughout the whole of Merseyside.

16. COMMUNICATION All too often we see operators cobble together a token website that remains the same from one year to the next. Our website however provides drivers with the latest help and advice as well as a regularly updated Newsfeed section. We tap direct into local authority traffic regulation orders so that we can keep you informed of special event road closures. We also provide updates on the job count, business development and press releases. In addition to the website, messages are also sent regularly over the in-vehicle data heads alerting drivers to traffic problems or where it may currently be prudent to temper their speed. We also provide a live Twitter feed @deltamerseyside so that drivers, passengers and the general public can discover news and information about Delta Taxis and the wider industry.

17. SUSTAINED GROWTH Don't waste your settle on circuits that continue losing work to other companies – join an ambitious operator that ceaselessly and aggressively campaigns for more customers. Since 1998 Delta has increased it's passenger numbers every single year. Don't just watch Delta's continued success from the sidelines… be a part of it and APPLY NOW!