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2017.03.29 - Two Pound Across The Mersey

Wirral work is building up nicely thanks to powerful and extensive marketing as well as a new network of Wirral freephones.

In order to improve customer delivery times, Delta is encouraging drivers to frequent the area by way of a special Delta, Belter of a deal.

For a limited period only, Delta drivers picking up just 10 jobs or more per week from anywhere on the Wirral get £2 for each job knocked off their settle.

20 Wirral pickups on a Saturday night would therefore give you £40 off your settle. Think of it as £5 minimum fare for Wirral blue card bookings (£3 off the passengers and £2 off the office).

50 pickups on the Wirral is a free settle!

For Liverpool city centre drivers keen to avoid competing light cars and woeful traffic, the £2 sweetener covers both your tunnel and a little bit of juice to run through the pipe towards greener pastures.

As Delta continues to expand throughout the Wirral, this £2 ACROSS THE MERSEY deal rewards the pioneering drivers who help the most to establish the area for future generations.