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18.04.2018 - When do Manchester Airport Fixed Prices Apply?

With an increase in the amount of people choosing to stay overnight before or after flying to or from Manchester Airport, it has been decided to offer some clarity on which locations should qualify for our fixed price Manchester Airport fares.

Passengers staying at one of the many hotels in and around Manchester Airport consider themselves to be at the airport, whether the Hotel is actually on the Airport grounds or not. We don't think it fair to charge customers a short distance away from the airport grounds a fare far in excess of the fixed price for Manchester Airport. In order to do this and so that everyone has a clear understanding of when the fixed price fares should apply we have come up with the following guideline.

Any location within 3 miles by road by shortest reasonable route from the junction of Avro Way and Runger Lane (see map) now qualifies for our fixed price Manchester Airport fares. We've chosen this location due both its proximity to the Airport and Motorway plus it's very close to the area where most drivers waiting for a job at the airport park whilst waiting for a collection.

Manchester Map Fixed

We don't think this guideline should affect drivers mileages much at all. For example The Airport Inn on Altrincham Road, not actually on the airport grounds is 1.9 miles away. Terminal 3 from this location is 2.3 miles away. The other thing to remember is that there will be no Car Parks to negotiate and passengers to meet inside the terminal on Airport Hotel pickups and passengers will generally be ready on time as the unpredictability of baggage claims and passport control don't come into play.

Should any driver not wish to do any of this extra work in the vicinity of Manchester Airport, the duty Query Operator will always reassign the job, as is the case with any Long Distance or Fixed Price Manchester Airport work. Any queries regarding whether a particular job qualifies can also be addressed via the Bridge Staff but in general terms a qualifying job will be sent from the airport plot (area 79) and not the Manchester area (area 80). We hope you all understand the need for clarity on this issue as we don't want to have to turn away work in an increasingly popular sector because the price isn't right.